BNSF Duluth-Superior c 2000-2010

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    Hello, here are some shots of my Npire.

    Here was the original plan.

    But as with all projects, things change. I have been working on the grain elevator, modelled on one the Rices point jobs at Twin cities (Duluth-Superior) Empty cat food boxes and postal tubes are the staple, well the tubes were from Staples. The trick he is not to simply stick the tubes together so there is a tight join. The prototypes were of slip concrete construction (continuous pouring) and there is a gentle continuous, seamless run from one tower to the next. This also produces the characteristic striping on the towers as the formwork rises.

    I designed the texture in PShop after pouring over loads of pics and I think I am now happy with the colour and texture. These were printed off onto thin card and glued to the carcase.

    Fogs rolling in off da lake.

    Back to the Elevator for a bit. I was nt really happy with the colour and texture, so I stripped them and put a new overlay on. Less of a pink tinge now.

    Getting there.


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    That grain elevator is quite amazing. The modeling is superb and the concrete looks extreemly effective. Great layout and lovely weatherin on the rolling stock.

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