Caen Panther

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    Hello. This a re-post as my original post lost all of the pictures, due to Photo Bucket and their new third party hosting policy:

    Kits Used: Dragon Sd.Kfz.171 Panther A Late Production – MiniArt Village Road w/Ruined House – Various Dragon Figures.

    Scale: 1/35

    Depiction: One of the many battles in and around Caen Jun/Jul 1944.

    Modifications/additions: Eduard Photo Etch used for the zimmerit coating on the Panther. A dremel tool was used to simulate chipping and missing pieces of the zimmerit. Modelkasten tracks and an after market metal barrel were also used.

    Paint and Finish: Paints used were Lifecolor acrylics for base and camo. Vallejo acrylics and Humbrol enamels were used for the majority of on-board equipment. Weathering was done with oil paints and pigment powders. Dragon figures were painted with Vallejo acrylics and oil paints. Miniart base was completed with home made rubble and tree.

    Reason for building model: I wanted to build a diorama that represented a snapshot in the battle in and around Caen during Jun/Jul of 1944. The Panzer Lehr division was moved from Italy to aid in the defence of Normandy and was assigned to defend Caen against the British and Canadian assault. The Panzer Lehr fought to near complete destruction in Caen and the Falaise Pocket.

    I hope you enjoy the pics.

    IMG_4073.JPG IMG_4075.JPG View attachment 290402 IMG_4079.JPG View attachment 290404 View attachment 290405 IMG_4085.JPG IMG_4090.JPG IMG_4093.JPG IMG_4094.JPG IMG_4095.JPG IMG_4115.JPG IMG_4122.JPG IMG_4129.JPG tk1.jpg tk2.jpg tk3.jpg
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