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Apr 28, 2018
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I guess this is an age old question, ever since we started building models of the Panzer Waffe.

It is always down to the painters eye, and when sharing images, the quality of all the elements involved, camera, light, skill of the operator etc

My wife tells me I am somewhat colour blind, though I can't see it LOL ( we need a laughing emoji!)

I currently have 3 projects which all use various base yellow colours, so I have tried 3 different products to see how they turned out.

There is no right or wrong colour, and they will all be weathered to blend the tank into the time period and scenario planned for them.

They all 3 sprayed well, and if there was a problem it would be my lack of skill with an airbrush, not the paint.

The 3 victims,

The SCW, is for the Breda D'ooh!

The AK was used on the Stug and the Ammo used on the SturmTiger prototype

before weathering of the breda

Breda weathered the other 2 getting ready to be weathered

I have 2 other projects for this year which will use other Dungelgelb yellow base coats

No need to guess a DAK and a late war finish.

Once they are weathered, washed, chipped and blended into a base, does it really matter what the original colour was?

Probably not, and as it nearly impossible to be be 100% accurate so far after the end of the war.

The projects are as much about learning new skills in finishing, as the scratch building and kit bashing

I have been a serial kit starter, with very few finished, but its time to try and step up another rung on the ladder!

I used pigments on the Breda and will use washes on the Stug and finally oils on the SturmTiger.

Hopefully you might find it useful and I'll add the other 2 paint finishes when the vehicles are completed.

Have a good day


Steve H
Jun 1, 2018
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Hi Steve,
I do not think you can do this wrong. I was bent on using Monogram's scale color guide for years but as you said by the time you get through with all the other special effects on top of the base coat it gets lost in the shuffle. My humble opinion is do what your insides tell you and all else be...you know what I mean. From what I have seen in your post all three will turn out very nicely.
Regards, Rick H.