EWS Class 66 00 guage weathering commission

Dec 20, 2011
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This is another commision that I was asked to do. One of the AMRC club members asked me to weather a class 66 in EWS livery for use on Redruth MRC Hoopers Aggregates layout at the 2013 Brighton Model Railway Show. The owner wanted this portrayed as a loco that had not long been in service so not too dirty. These machines have been in service on UK rails for years in EWS service and are getting a bit grubby so online research was required.

The body sides were masked with tape so that the exhaust on the roof was exposed. I used an airbrush with Railmatch black for the sooty exhaust and then a light dusting of roof dirt after the masking was removed.

After splitting the body from the chassis the underframe was sprayed with a light coat of Railmatch track dirt with highlighting picked out with Tamiya weathering pallets. I rubbed the paint from the footsteps to replicate the areas where the crews would disturb any grime here. The fuel staining was achieved with Tensocrom opaque fuel and looks quite effective.

The owner also asked me to fit the etched name plates so these were fixed with Railmatch matt varnish over the printed versions.With the windscreens masked the entire model was sealed in matt varnish which takes the satin factory finish out and leaves the body with quite a nice matt finish that looks like a light coat of dust. I added a folded up newspaper on the drivers dashboard and put the body and chassis back together.

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Jan 18, 2012
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Great work Rick. I saw the other post too, both very good results. The newspaper on the dash of the engine, tut tut, you'd never catch a pilot reading the paper or doing a crossword enroute ;)