Frames new layout.

Discussion in 'Layouts' started by frame69, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. frame69

    frame69 Guest

    Heres the start of the new one...

    ..thanks for looking.

  2. Bunkerbarge

    Bunkerbarge Guest

    That's a very nicely put together layout frame. Light yet strong and a lot of care put into the structure as opposed to pieces of 25mm x 50mm bit of softwood stuck together with ply stuck on the top. Obviously a lot of thought gone into the design.

    If this one is going to be a lot better than the old one its going to be quite a layout as the modelling in the old one looked pretty good. Reminds me of my youth when I had a layout at home in the cellar that I put together with my Dad. I still miss that layout all these years later.
  3. frame69

    frame69 Guest

    Thanks for the kind words BB,I got a taste for landscape modelling after building the first layout...

    I've also tried building small dioramas...

    this is losely based on a scrapyard I used to visit in Somerset years ago...

  4. frame69

    frame69 Guest

    None of these things have yet been finished by the way.


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