Looking for Amusing Hobby #35B001 Rutscher Panzerkleinzerstörer E-5

Discussion in 'General Military Vehicle Chat' started by Jens Andrée, Nov 12, 2017.

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    I found out too late that the only way to get hold of the E-5 from Amusing Hobby is to buy it in a bundle with another kit, like one of the E-100 they've released. I already own those kits and I'd rather not buy them again just to get hold of this small and cheap "bonus" kit...


    So if anyone is on the market to buy the new E-100 Jagdpanzer, or one of the earlier kits, that have the option with the 35B001 bonus kit, I'm really interested in buying the E-5 off you if it's not your thing?!
    I can't find it anywhere for sale on its own. Not even on eBay... :(

    I need it to complete my Entwicklungsfahrzeug lineup and I'd rather not spend £50 for this little bonus kit if I can help it.

    Many thanks in advance!

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