New airport runway and Terminals

Discussion in 'Diorama and Buildings Chat' started by Banco123, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Hello to all. I am new to the forum and new to scale model airport building. Having completed a 00 gauge 1.76 scale model layout I would like to try my hand at building a airport runway and terminals buildings roads and walkways ect And I would be most grateful for your help and any tips that you could give me. I would like to build it above my rail layout the size would be 295 x 30 cm. or just under 10ft long 9ft 9" x 12". What would be the best and cheapest scale to use. For Terminals buildings, control tower, planes, trucks and buses and all the basics for a modern airport ? I will be using 12mm Mdf 295 cm long x 30cm wide. Thanks for your help.

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