North Surrey Military Modelling Group - model show 11/02/2017

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    I was fortunate enough to attend a model show this weekend with my mates from Sussex Model Club, my first full event from start to finish with out been dragged off by a bored wife and kids.:rolleyes: A special thanks to our hosts for hosting a wonderfull event.

    As far as model shows go, it was small in comparison with the now defunct Brighton Hobby Show, but well represented by the attending clubs. The guys from Hailsham were there in strength as well, which was impressive as they are at least an hour and a half away from down in East Sussex.

    I'm told that the North Surrey team are historically specialists in figures and busts and their amazing skills were on display along with the rest of the attending enthusiasts.

    Unfortunately I don't have any photo's, my wife took my mobile so that she could find her way back home after dropping me off in Banstead! :confused::(:oops: Hopefully the North Surrey guys will have posted something on line.

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