Dragon 1:35 Stug III ausf. C, 7.5 cm. (prod.no. 9035)

Mar 1, 2017
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I recently completed this red box model from Dragon. As anyone can see, I am not an "expert" modeller, but I enjoy building all the same ;-)

Being a 9000 prod.no. from Dragon, it has a red box and is not of the same mold quality as in their '39-'45 series. The 9035 had mold lines in many places and thus required a lot more work than a regular Dragon model would have.

The fit of the parts were still on the whole very good, although a few small pieces did not.

The worst was the grates, which had a completely different dimension that the holders on which they are supposed to be placed. You can see this in the bird's eye view photo.

The barrel was two-piece, and required a lot of sanding, but the end result is good.

I am very happy with the colouring, especially of the tracks. However, I wish I had done a better job on the white camouflage. Should probably have thinned the paint and in extension done more than two layers.

Constructive comments on how I can improve are always welcome.

Happy building to everyone!